TBJ Bartlesville basketball 

The Owasso Rams enter the 2020-21 basketball season with two players at the helm of their respective teams, looking to make this season memorable for more than just masks and social distancing. Kyler Mann and Taylor Rose want to leave it all on the court and provide the school and the community with a brief distraction from everything going on outside the gym and school. VYPE editor Brad Heath caught up with the pair to get their thoughts on playing through a pandemic and which teammate does a quality impression of their head coach.



VYPE: What age did you start playing basketball and what was the name of your first team?

Mann: I started playing basketball in first grade for the TYAA Bulldogs.

Rose: I started playing school ball in elementary school, but I also played on a club team called JYD.

VYPE: Do you still play with anyone of your teammates from your first team?

Mann: No, we all went to different schools.

Rose: I actually still play with three people from that team; Karson Zumwalt, Chloe Stocksen, and Ellie Morril.

VYPE: What position do you play for Owasso?

Mann: I play 3 and 4, but I can play the 2 through 5.

Rose: I’m primarily a shooting guard.

VYPE: What do you love most about this team and your teammates?

Mann: It’s never a dull moment around them.

Rose: I love how close we are, there’s no drama within the team and it really just feels like a family.

VYPE: Tell me who on the team has the best jokes and who has a perfect impression of coach?

Mann: I have to say I have the best jokes, but Caden has the best impersonation of coach.

Rose: I’d have to say Ellie (who we call Big El) she’s always making everyone laugh at practice, and Grace Hildebrand has a great impression!

VYPE: Do you have a go-to meal before each game?

Mann: I usually eat the fruit we get in locker room and the food our booster club provides.

Rose: The night before I eat some nachos from Baja Jacks, and day of the game, Karson and I like to eat some fried Oreos from Sonic.

VYPE: What is your favorite subject in school and who is your favorite teacher?

Mann: My favorite subject is math and my favorite teacher is Ms. Beck.

Rose: My favorite class this year is Sports Medicine with Miss. Birdsall.

VYPE: What are your plans after you graduate from Owasso High School?

Mann: To play basketball in college.

Rose: I hope to continue playing basketball into college!

VYPE: If you could write your own storybook ending to 2020, how would this crazy year end and how would 2021 begin?

Mann: Everything will be almost back to normal by the end of this year and be normal by 2021.

Rose: It ends with us playing the sport we love and begins with us winning some games!

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