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By Travis Sloat

Austin Smith and Spencer Frey, both senior starting midfielders for the Owasso Rams soccer club, spent a few moments doing a Q and A with Vype Magazine. 

How long have you been playing soccer, and why do you love it? 

Smith: “I started playing at a young age, and I like the thought of always getting better. Plus I enjoy it.” 

Frey: “I started playing when I was in fifth grade, and just fell in love immediately. There are always improvements you can make and that’s what keeps me going.” 

Who is the better player? 

Frey: “Austin for sure. He’s so calm, and never panics. He works extremely hard and his tough is always at his feet. Just an overall great player.” 

Smith: “Better on the field or with the girls? Spencer gets the girls and is great on the field too.” 

Who is most likely to joke around in the locker room, and what are they likely to say/do?

Smith: “Spencer would most likely say a joke, and I think I would do something stupid.” 

Frey: “Yeah Austin would do something funny or stupid…or both.” 

What do you like to do in your free time?

Frey: “I like to hang out with friends, play soccer, and eat of course.” 

Smith: I like to hang out with friends and play video games.” 

You are in charge of the team bus and where you get to go eat. What are you picking? 

Smith: “Probably a pizza place or Whataburger, because Whataburger is really good.” 

Frey: “It would definitely be Cici’s or Subway. They’re both really good.” 

Who picks the music when you’re in the car, and what are you listening to? 

Frey: “For sure it would be me, I would say I have pretty good music taste. It depends on the situation. If it was game day, it would be rap or hype music.” 

Smith: “Oh no I don’t control the music. That’s all Spencer.” 

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