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By Derrick Smith

Zach Baird began playing soccer at the age of four because it was something that all of his friends were doing. What started as a fun thing to do with friends turned into something that he grew more passionate about and a sport he fell in love with.

“I love the competitive nature of the game,” he said. “I also enjoy having to fight for a spot on the field and the relationships I have developed. I started soccer for fun, but now I have my eyes on playing in college.”

Zach plays left back and center defensive midfielder on the Bixby High School soccer team. His head coach, David Bolding, says that Baird set the bar high for his teammates.

“Zach was a very good player for us,” Bolding said. “His dedication in our offseason and pre-season helped him excel in our season in my two years. He led by example in the classroom as well. Zach is a super student athlete and he will be sorely missed. But he has set the bar really high for future Bixby Spartans.”

Throughout his life, there have been a couple of people that have made a lasting impact on Bairds life.

“My dad is one of my biggest role models,” he said. “He has always pushed me to be the best player that I could be. Also, I am thankful for Martin Clays. I developed so much as a player because of him and he convinced me to continue to follow my dream of playing soccer in college.”

The success and progress that Zach has experienced is a product of the work he has put in to reach his goal of playing college soccer.

“There has been a lot for me to be here,” he said. “Passion, dedication, hours of practice, and love for the sport are the main ones.”

With his high school career over, Zach now turns his attention to college. He will be attending and playing soccer at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. He was honored to receive an athletic scholarship, academic scholarship, and the Presidential Leadership Scholarship at OKWU.

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