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Getting back in the pool and being able to compete was the goal for Bixby High School swimmer Lauren Hsieh. With new COVID-19 protocol, everyone knew it would be a challenge, but student-athletes everywhere wanted to compete and get back to life as they know it. For Hsieh, the events are still just as fun and the competition is even better.

“During meets, masks and social distancing are required. Since swimmers sometimes have to wait extra time between heats due to distancing and sanitation, meets can go longer and this can be tiring. However, meets are still a lot of fun! Even though we are not allowed to cheer at the end of the lane as usual, my team has continued to cheer one another on despite our muffled voices,” said Hsieh.

The six-year veteran of the pool, Hsieh swims the main events in the 100 backstroke and the 100 freestyle. Two very tough and very competitive swims. Having teammates that support each other can make all the difference.

“I love that my team is so encouraging and supportive of one another. It’s like one big family,” said Hsieh.

Her parents have always encouraged her to do her best and show good sportsmanship. Being a person of strong character is important to Hsieh.

“My parents have always been a big influence on me,” said Hsieh. “To me, being a person of good character means to always respect your peers and coaches and to not hesitate to help or encourage others.”

During her time at Bixby, Hsieh said she’s made some great friends and great memories. Several stand out but competing as a freshman was something special.

“My favorite memory as a Bixby swimmer is when I traveled, stayed in a hotel, and competed with my team during my freshman state meet,” said Hsieh.

Her future goals include college and working starting her journey into the medical field.

“I plan to major in Health Information Management and take the Pre-Med track,” said Hsieh.

In her free time Hsieh enjoys reading, painting, spending time with my family, and playing piano.